People stare. I don’t blame them. Sometimes it’s a quick look, then they look away. Sometimes it’s a look and a smile. Sometimes it’s a downright stare. 

I don’t mind all three types. I can’t quite bring myself to smile back yet though. I find I walk around town looking down. But if I have my Oakley’s on then it’s my game, my town, my rules. Doesn’t a pair of great sunglasses empower you? 

I love it when kids stare though. I normally smile, but sometimes, I feel like going “Boo!!!” For a giggle. But I suspect I’ll be the only one giggling as the kid starts screaming or bursts into tears. Oops. Maybe at Halloween then, although I’m feeling hopeful that I’ll have a head full of hair by then!

Right now I find I’m experiencing joint pain. I thought this was only during Taxol but turns out it’s the Herceptin – which I’m on till November. I’m getting 3x the dose now, and I find that my knees, fingers, feet all hurt. But if I keep moving, then I feel fine. So, keep moving then I suppose. 

Today I clocked in some good steps on my Jawbone UP. I went for a walk with a few friends, and I also went for a walk by Marina Bay Sands. Took some photos of the installations there, and as it’s by the water, I just love it. 

I started my new Facebook page called Pink FitNut, and it’s to help people like me any way I can. I am going to start some videos on the fitness part of it, but the first video I ever posted was on eyebrows, you can see it here. I meant it for women who’ve gone through chemotherapy who’ve lost their eyebrows. But a Friend of mine thought it may help her mum who has alopecia. I hope it does! And children – wonder how kids feel who go through chemo? Either way, I hope somehow, someway, I’m making some difference. 


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