It’s a public holiday here in Singapore, the second day of Chinese New Year. While most people spent it relaxing enjoying the holiday, I spent it in the hospital. 
The last time I saw DrW he said that based on the fact that he was aspirating fluid from me every 2-3 days, about 150ml each time, that he needed to insert a tube in to drain the fluid. There was a time I hated the tubes, but I welcomed it this time. I’d had enough of the ballooning of my right breast between aspirations, which didn’t allow me to have a comfortable nights’ sleeps. And it was so red and angry. All the time. I had visions of it exploding. There must be an infection, even though the culture came back negative. I was back on antibiotics. Seeing that I have 6 more weeks of chemo to go, I just couldn’t continue down the road of having fluid aspirated every few days. The bottle would have to come back. 

So I went in today. Dr W wanted to do it in the operating theatre, even though he was only using a local anesthetic. Because for starters, it would be a sterile environment, and, he’d have a whole team there to hand him the stuff he would need. 

The procedure took about an hour. I’m not sure if I would have preferred a General anesthetic to be honest, as when you’re awake, you hear everything, and feel everything. Well, he numbed the area of incision, but he also ran through a couple of bottles of saline to clean the area out. While I couldn’t see what was going on, I could definitely feel every squeeze and coaxing of the area around my breast to get all the fluid out. Dr W kept popping to look over the barrier that was placed in front of me, to check on me that I was feeling okay. I was fine. Although, I do feel rather sore after all that manipulating. 

I stayed in my day room at the Mount Elizabeth Novena hospital for about 5 hours after that, for them to make sure I was okay. Initially I was itching to head home, but, after lying down on the bed for a bit, I thought, why rush? So I tried to have a little nap, had a little bit of lunch. The hospital was so quiet. I admit, thoughts of the first episode ever of The Walking Dead kept going through my mind….. I thought, I’d wake up, find it too quiet, walk out and there’d be nobody there. Instead, I’d come across a locked room full of zombie Nurses and orderlies. Oh, But, if I then mashed up The Walking Dead with World War Z, surely the zombies would leave me alone as in World War Z they didn’t eat people with terminal illnesses. Oh wait, the cancer is out right, which means that I don’t have a terminal disease? So I suppose they would eat me in the end. Oh it’s so confusing, all these zombie rules. 

Good news – no zombies attacked, and I went home with a brand new runners belt. You know, the kind that runners wear so they can stick their water bottle round their waist? The Rock bought it for me while I was napping, so I don’t have a bag for my bottle, but now I carry it around with me around my hips. I do however want to get a bum bag (aka Fanny pack in North America) as I want to tuck my tubes in as well, then I can also put my phone in, pop a bit of money in… As Long as I don’t end up being a full fledged bum bagger. It’s not my style, but I shall use it until the tube is out. 

Ah, how Long will the tube be in place? At least 6 weeks I reckon, till chemo is over. Then, we have a big decision to make. About the reconstruction. I’ve made my mind up, but this isn’t something I want to write about yet. 

Tomorrow is Chemo #7. 


2 thoughts on “Bum bags and Zombies

  1. Such a brave soul you are! I wish I could make the road smoother for you – no more fluid problems, no more visits to the hospital. Praying for you strength for every day – to continue to be brave – for complete healing – wisdom for your doctors – for 2breasts that you are happy with – for continued patience and love for/from your family….
    You are very Loved!

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