We drove up from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia yesterday. The drive took nearly 5 hours, and it took a toll on my joints. Last night I was a miserable cow, my joints cause me to walk like an “orangutan”. I thought a lovely hot bath would help, but didn’t anticipate the pain in getting into and out of the bath. I was whimpering as I negotiated how to not put too much pressure on my knees in order to get out. I think baths will have to wait – or I may look into those nifty devices they have for the elderly where they lower them into a bath. 

But we are in KL for a joyful reason. My Cousin is getting married tomorrow. A Malay/Muslim wedding here in KL is normally …. Colour themed. We were given the Colour theme in case “we wanted to get clothes to match”. The ceremony tomorrow is called the “Akad Nikah” which is the actual event where they become Husband and Wife. All lovely, but today the family scrambled to find traditional Malay clothes that fit the Colour theme. By family, I mean my family of The Rock, Monkey and Bimble; my Uncle, and my Sister and her sons. 

The Colour theme for tomorrow is “rustic gray, tan and lavender”. Oh boy. Now just a heads up – the actual wedding reception is next weekend and there is a different Colour theme then too! Now while we didn’t have to adopt this Colour theme, it’s kinda fun to do so because family photos look great. The Rock will be in the traditional attire and I think he’s getting into it – he has been practicing tying his “Samping”. Photos to follow. 

It’s lovely to be here because it gets me to think of fun, crazy family times, instead of cancer. And today I made a bold decision. At the wedding tomorrow, I will go bald. I was quite proud of that. However, when I was trying on a traditional dress and came out to show my Husband and Cousin, they both said “you look great! Like a Star Wars character!”. They tried hard to convince me they meant Natalie Portman in her bald days, and not Jar Jar Binks. Needless to say, I didn’t get that particular dress. Shamefully, I also tried to get a “cancer discount” for the clothes. It was all done in jest, and yes, they gave us a small discount. Not because I was chemo-fied, but because we spent quite a bit of cash in the shop!

Channelling Natalie

Both photos found in public domain

I’ll share some photos of the wedding with you in my next post. And I hope to god that someone in the family, No names mentioned, will not ruin the Family Photo shot by wearing the wrong Colour, like say……Green or blue! You’ll probably spot them at the edge of the photo as no one will want to be standing next to them. Oh no. 

FYI, my family of four are going in the shades of gray and lavender. It will look lovely, trust me. 


2 thoughts on “Bald and Bold Colours

  1. Thoroughly enjoying the landscapes of your journey. You write so beautifully and with such diverse layers of insight. It’s a true gift x

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