Hands up, if you’re a parent, – Okay, a mum – and you hardly have any photos of you and your children. If you’re like me, then the photos in your phone (who carries a camera around with them anymore??) are full of everyone you know, your cats/dog, meals you’ve eaten, your children, or evidence of asinine Drivers who park illegally or stupidly. Any photos of you in there? Probably not many. 

And your partners? My Husband is not one to whip his phone out and take photos. In his phone I will probably find that in the last month, he’s taken 2 photos. Probably of his view from his business class seat. 

So, what do you do? If I remember, or can be bothered even, I’ll ask him to take a photo with my phone. Now, as a mum, I know, with 100% conviction, that the only way to guarantee a good photo is to take about 50 photos from different angles and encouraging my subjects to smile or change their pose. Not so with The Rock. He takes 1 or 2 photos. Marino Testino he is not. 

But the selfie has changed everything. Now, I can take photos of myself for either my narcissistic pleasure, or I can then take selfies with the children. (I refuse to call them wefies. What the hell?!). Since going through a shoebox of old photos, I noticed that there is not a single photo of me and my late Mother. Not one. I’m not going to let Monkey and Bimble become adults who then have nothing to show their grandchildren. Side note – I’m trying to be mindful, and present…. This thought which has speed rolled into the next 5 decades just proves how hard I’m finding this mindfulness business to be. 

So I’m going to try to take at least one selfie with the girls every week. Every day would be pushing it. Today’s selfie is in this post. In the first one, I didn’t notice that Monkey was making stupid faces. 

The “perfect” smile

I got quite cross with her. So cross that I showed her what the photo would look like if I cropped her out. But, before I got the chance to cancel the edit, Bimble clicked the “Done” button so Monkey was dismissed from the photo. 

Bimble crops Monkey out!

She got upset, so I said I needed her to at least smile, or achieve something similar. In order to “keep it fun” I gave them a quick Tyra Banks Smize tutorial, and tried to get them to do exactly that. 

Smize and bunny ears

Okay, so the smizeing needs work. But I only noticed hours later, that my angelic Bimble was giving me bunny ears. I’ve got to keep my eye on that girl. 
However, in homage to my narcissism, I’m loving my hair. My eyebrows have grown, my eyelashes are slowly growing and I think my hair looks pretty bad ass. The only negative of only having photos of myself that are selfies, is that I can’t show you guys just how gorgeous my handbag is. And these close ups of my skin remind me that I need a facial. 


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