Prior to having Monkey in 2006, my career was deeply rooted in the oil industry. While pregnant, I realised I couldn’t continue as an oil broker any longer, and decided to just dedicate my time fully to being a mum to Monkey.

Then, there came about a 180 Degree turn, and I got certified as a pilates instructor. It had always been important to me, I loved it, so thought why not teach other women?
My certifications include :

Stott Pilates certified instructor

Under The Center of Women’s Fitness I hold a Women’s Health and Exercise Specialist Certificate™ in :

  1. Pre & Post Natal Pilates™
  2. Pilates for Menopause™
  3. Support your Floor™ – Pelvic Floor Health
  4. The Center Method for Diastasis Recti Recovery™
  5. Rocking to Release™

Under Pilates Therapeutics I hold specialisations in :

  1.  Breast Cancer Restoration
  2. Scoliosis Management

Under Core Barre I’m an instructor trainer (and instructor) for their Barre method, and instructor under Core Reform which is suspended training.


2 thoughts on “Pilates

  1. Hi there, interesting to read about your pilates philosophy. Pilates really is wonderfully therapeutic and should be used to a much greater extent in recovery and injury prevention. Keep up the good work!

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