Througout my blog I’ve written about my medical team of Doctors and specialists but kept their names anonymous. On this page you’ll find all their details.

Surgical Oncologist : Dr Hong Ga Sze (aka Dr H in my blogs)


I’ve been seeing Dr Hong since 2000. He performed my double mastectomies in November 2015, and his staff have been wonderful. His partner put me through exercises for my arm and shoulder mobility the day after surgery – very crucial! His contact details are here

Favourite quote (just as I’m getting my General anesthetic) “yah, okay, you’re going to go to sleep now, it will all be okay, and I’ll be here when you wake up. Take some deep breaths now” while gently patting my arm

Plastic Surgeon : Dr Evan Woo (aka Dr W in my blogs)


Dr Woo works out of Mount Elizabeth Novena, and his staff of Nurses are the best, they’ve been so caring, and always have a sense of humour about them. As I like to tell him, Dr Woo is the only man (and person come to think of it) that I’ve ever sent a selfie of my boobs to. I had to do that regularly during my infection. He’s also the Founder and President of Breast Reconstruction Awareness Singapore (BRAS).

Favourite quote (directed to one of the Nurses) “Can you take a photo of the breast? I’ll send it over to Hoe Nam” (Dr Leong).

Medical Oncologist : Dr Karmen Wong (aka Dr KW in my blogs)


Dr Wong takes time with her patients to really explain stuff. She isn’t patronising, and will also tell you the way it is. Her Nurses are obviously very competent and I feel they do a good job of looking after us cancer patients. There are 3 lazy boy type chairs and a bed if the chairs aren’t available.

Favourite quote “Don’t worry, you’ll live forever!”

Infectious Diseases Doctor : Dr Leong (aka Dr L in my blogs).


Dr Leong looked after me during my infection in my breast. I had 4 antibiotics which made me feel rotten, and he kept tweaking it so that it wasn’t too bad in the end. Very caring – and made sure I felt that I could send him a message anytime I had questions. And boy, did I message him!! And he replied – every single time, even when on holiday! I like you Dr Leong but hope we don’t meet again soon 😉

Favourite quote “treat me like a brother, text me anytime with questions”.