I’ve just updated my About page.

On 22 October 2015 my oncologist told me that I had cancerous cells. I have a family history of breast cancer, my mother died of it when she was only 38, and her sister also had breast cancer but lived till her 80s. I went for genetic testing in October 2014, one of the genes, BRCA2 came back with an abnormality but no proof as yet that it causes breast cancer.

The earlier years of my blog are more on pilates and singing in the band. I’ve since quit the band, I’m still a pilates instructor and funnily enough, in January 2015 I became certified as a Breast Cancer Pilates Specialist via Pilates Therapeutics, led by the amazing Dr Suzanne Martin.

All my blogs from October 2015, will be about my journey of surviving cancer, and my rehabilitation moving forward.

(Below is my original About page)

An ex oil broker, after the birth of my first child I knew that if my day was to involve having someone cry and throw a tantrum, then it would be my baby and not a grown man. Trust me, oil traders really know how to spit the dummy. I’ve always loved pilates, and it helped me tremendously during pregnancy and post partum so I decided to get certified. I am now a pilates instructor working in a superb pilates studio here in Singapore.

So, I’m a wife, a mum, a pilates instructor who lives in Singapore. But before any of that happened, I was a singer in a rock cover band. We are called Whack Daddy Down and I’ve sung “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and “Long Train Running” in practically every single gig in the last 11 years! My favourite song of all is Crying by Aerosmith, as I also play the blues harp (harmonica) and right at the end, I love blowing the harp and nearly everyone in the pub is craning their neck to see who is doing this, then they discover that it’s the “Chick singer” and I get some pretty cool “Respect” glances. Nice.

I’ve decided to keep my family anonymous, so I will give them nicknames in order to refer to them in my blog:

The Rock – my husband because, well, he’s pretty much my rock!

Monkey – my first daughter who is 10, we kept calling her that for no real reason.

Bimble – my second Daughter who is 6. The Rock comes up with some pretty weird names.

So this blog is about Pilates and Rock N Roll – and stuff in between.


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