When I first started chemo, we had an idea for us as a family to see how I was progressing, from a time point of view. So The Rock pulled out all his Golf balls that were deemed unworthy of his game, and the girls decorated 6 balls each however they wanted. We then put all 12 of those balls into a vase, each ball representing one cycle of chemo. Every week, after my chemo the girls will take a turn to toss one ball into another vase. This is what the two vases look like now : 

Pre chemo on the left, post chemo on the right

Although this was taken before my 5th cycle, so there should be 5 balls on the right. It’s satisfying to hear the clunk of the ball as it chinks against the vase. Next week, both vases will be even. 

One thing I’ve been struggling with, is my nutrition. As a nutrition coach, I should know what I should be eating. Trouble is, chemo is messing with my tastebuds. I’m craving strong tasting foods. Salty food. Sweet food. A lot of Thai food naturally. Curries. Starches. And, that’s not the best food for me. I haven’t been having my home made green juices daily, mainly because sometimes it’s just a hassle to make. There’s things I should avoid, according to this website Food for breast cancer. Makes sense, and looks easy enough. But it’s not that easy. I need to watch what I’m eating, and eat less animal protein, more plant based food. But less tofu. Chicken that’s not had any growth hormones. Organic where possible. It all gets a bit too much when you have to put it all together. And food just doesn’t taste good. All my favourites seem blah. I have to keep asking The Rock if it’s the food or my taste buds that’s making the meal awful, and every time, it’s my taste buds. 

But today I was inspired. Mainly because, after dropping Monkey and Bimble at school, I headed straight to the supermarket and got the ingredients I needed to make Jamie Oliver’s Super Food Protein Bread (wheat free, gluten free) from his book Everyday Super Food. In this link he shows some ideas of how to top it off. Main ingredients are gram flour (Chickpea flour) and ground almonds as his ‘base’. Then loads of seeds. I bought the wrong thing duh, so used almond flour instead of ground almonds. I added linseed, Chia, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds. Each slice of this loaf has 10g of protein. I topped mine with homemade beetroot hummus, a dollop of Greek yoghurt (although I’m supposed to avoid dairy!), and… Home made sambal belachan (although It would have been just as lovely with fresh cut chillies of course). This is a Malay condiment and the ingredients are green Chilli, red Chilli, birds eye Chili, tomato, shrimp paste, salt and sugar to taste.  Blend, enjoy. 

Super Food Protein Loaf

Super food protein loaf – nutty taste

The bread topped with beetroot hummus, bit of greek yoghurt and chili.

The possibilities of toppings are endless. Jamie provides about 15 ideas in his book. One slice – and I’m incredibly full. It’s got a strong savoury flavour, so I don’t think it will be good with sweet things – but aren’t we trying to reduce our sugar intake anyway? I’m thinking smashed avocado, poached egg with loads of cracked pepper…. Mm mm if you want the recipe but don’t want to buy the book I think legally I’m allowed to put it on here right? As Long as I link it to Mr Oliver? But it’s a great book I have to say. Different from his normal pukka stuff. Jamie’s acknowledged that many fans like his style but want something that’s running towards the “better food choices” on the scale. Like it. 

Oh and just because I’m full of ponce today, my beverage of choice to take to the pilates studio for my workout is, quite simply, filtered water with fresh strawberries, segments of mandarin orange, and frozen raspberries. When the frozen raspberries melt that’s what gives the water a lovely Colour. 

So today’s post, not so doom and gloom is it? It’s Day 3, energy is still good, so I did all this while I was still bothered/ interested. Maybe once a week I’ll do a “food post”. Maybe. See how lah. All I know is, tomorrow is Day 4 and that’s when the energy levels start to wane… I’ve got a date with a Friend at her home, for a bit of Slumping on the Sofa with a cuppa. Looking forward to it SB! And this loaf ought to last me a few days, so that’s gonna be a good thing.  

Fruity flavoured water


2 thoughts on “Chemo Balls and Protein Loaf. (The loaf is the edible one, just saying)

  1. I think the change of palette is one of the most terrible side effects of chemo.I faced the same dilemma and it was a huge struggle.I remember by cycle 3 I could only eat boiled potatoes and that killed me because I knew I needed to eat better but I just could not stomach greens.

    All the best in your fight.You will conquer!
    Lindi @conqueringspirit.wordpress.com
    Ps:I’ll be looking out for the recipe.I love Jamie’s cooking

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