Chemo 4 out of 12 done. 33% of the way there

As of today, there’s been quite a bit of hair fall. Went in to see Dr KW who said my hair was looking pretty good and that I didn’t need a wig. Because, apparently, my hair would grow back after chemo ends in 8 weeks.

During my chemo I was introduced to another patient, KM. She was going through a different chemo regimen. She lived in Malaysia, but decided to have her surgery and all her treatments in Singapore. I asked her why? My dad and step sisters are both Doctors in Malaysia. She just didn’t have a good experience with the Doctors that she met with. On the other hand, her experience in Singapore surpassed all expectations. I hope, being Malaysian myself,, that her experience was an anomaly, and that there surely must be good Doctors and Hospitals there right?

KM had flown down from KL with her two daughters, aged 8 and 5. She had lost her hair, eyebrows, and was wearing a scarf. She said that the times she had walked around bald, she noticed people treated her differently. As if, any contact with her would pass on her “disease”. The scarf helped hide that from the public.

Also, her legs were pretty swollen from lymphadema. This was a side effect from the chemo regimen she was on. I was introduced to her as Dr KW suddenly was made aware of the fact that I was a breast cancer specialist pilates instructor. It really wasn’t the place for me to counsel her on it, partly because I was due to fall asleep any minute from my own chemo treatment! But we exchanged email addresses, and I’ll try to see what I can do 400 km away. I know some pilates Instructors in KL who are also breast cancer specialists, I’ll get in touch with them to see if they can see her.

There is a need for this care. So many women, just don’t know what options are out there for them when they go through cancer. After my treatment is over, it’s time for me to give back. I want to reach out to the breast cancer community. I’d like to offer weekly sessions, no fee, just for them to come and do some movement. We can take it up individually if they wish to go any further. And with exercise, doing it by yourself at home, justisn’t the same. For one thing, the motivation to actually move may be very minimal.

I know the path of my career changed that October once I was diagnosed. I’m going to do something about it, in my capacity of pilates instructor, nutrition coach, and breast cancer survivor.

Yes, I will.


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