Cycle 3 Day 4. This morning there was some hair on my pillow, and every time I grab my hair some strands come out. Not much, but certainly different from normal.

This afternoon I did what I said I wouldn’t do at the start of this harrowing journey. I went to look at wigs. I tried a few on, a blonde one for fun – my Sister said I looked like an anime/manga cartoon version of Victoria “posh” Beckham. I was quite chuffed with that, er, backhanded compliment. At least to me anyway. Then I tried a few others on. There is quite a difference in the quality of wigs out there.

  • Hand stitched vs machine stitched
  • Mix of natural + synthetic hair vs fully synthetic
  • Texture of the hair
  • The appearance of a natural scalp through the hair.
  • How thick the area is that sits on the scalp.

As you can imagine, there is a price to pay for comfort and a look and feel that is very natural. A big price as I found out.

I don’t know. I thought initially that I’d just rock the bald look. Dress it up with scarves or hats. But. What if I wanted to go out, wear a nice dress, put some make up on, some accessories, and just feel, normal? Would I be ok without hair?

Then I don’t know what MY hair loss journey is going to be. Will it be more than a 50% loss? Then, how soon before it grows back? Will people react to my look? Lots of questions, no answers.

I may have more answers to my wig quest this time next week.


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