We have lived in this house for nearly 9 years. It’s an old colonial style house, built during the british rule of Singapore. It’s a quaint, charming house, with a very large garden, which backs off into a relatively jungley space of land. It’s quiet, we often get choruses of frogs and cicadas. But never any traffic. Pretty blissful.

However we’ve had our fair share of wildlife. I’m  not talking about a cute furry kangaroo bounding into your lawn in the Australian outback, nor a friendly moose staring through your window like my friend Sami in Canada has. I’m talking about cobras, pythons, frogs, bugs, spiders. Although we do have a resident Kingfisher who goes for a dip in our pool everyday, and family of wild green parrots who come for breakfast in our trees every morning. Those are special.

I was inspired by my run in with our Singapore wildlife to share some photos with you.


We get loads of bugs flying through our house. This one landed on the floor one night, and I had never seen anything like it. It’s body was about two inches long.

Bug from outta space

The other night I accidentally nearly ate this spider. I wasn’t looking when I took a sip from my glass, and felt a slight stab in my lip. Fished it out of my mouth, and with it’s 8 legs twitching, I worked out it wasn’t a giant ant but a spider. At least I wasn’t wigged out by it.

The spider that nearly made it’s way into my tummy. Apple TV remote next to it to show scale

This is just a pretty ladybug that landed on Monkey’s arm, and was just about to take off. Btw do you call it a Ladybug or a Ladybird?

Ladybug taking off


After a heavy storm the frogs start their chorus. We had to shut the windows one night as they were just deafening. Saw this little guy on the other side of the window.

Frog, who looks deep in thought

Then this frog was caught in silhouette, on our bamboo blinds. We noticed him during dinner, took the photo, then when we looked back up a couple of minutes later he had… DISAPPEARED. We were rather nervous having our meal, as we kept expecting him to jump on us.

Frog in silhouette. Such cute feet!


I’m gutted that I can’t seem to find any photos of the 13 foot python that had attempted to kill/eat our cat. The cat was saved by The Rock who killed the snake with our kitchen knife. In return, the python bit his finger before clocking out. Before anyone starts an uproar, this python had already killed 3 of our other cats, and this cat was The Rock’s best friend. Imagine a snake killing your dog or cat and then tell me whether you would have sat by and looked the other way.

So I found this one of a snake skin. It’s relatively small, but was right out side the living room window. Still don’t know what sort of snake it was but a good guess would be a cobra. They are a common sight in our garden. You can’t miss them either. They are deep black and they don’t camouflage well against our green grass. Pythons on the other hand, well, let’s just say you could step right over one and not even know it. Brr. And they grow large enough to swallow goats, and small children!

Snake skin

Our last snake encounter was this one. It was only as thick as your thumb and about 18 inches long. Our dog killed it during the night. I don’t believe it’s deadly but enough venom to kill small animals. Think it’s called a Kukri.

Snake that looks like a string of licorice

So there you have it. Did I mention that we are looking to move out of our house and looking for a high, very high, rise condo?

PS Our cat who was attacked by the python survived the attack, although his back leg didn’t work very well as he had about 30 bites on his leg. Sadly, this cat died six months later as he had developed cancer. It was a sad day in our household.


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