Last Friday the band had a gig at our fave pub, The Prince Of Wales. Shout out to my pilates colleagues who came, thankyaverymuch. In my Rocked page, I posed the question, how old is too old to still be gigging in pubs? I’ve got to say, I was flagging in the second set. The fact that the air conditioning wasn’t working awfully well I suppose didn’t help. Although the crew at POW tried very hard to cool us down with portable fans, cheers guys.

Normally it takes me a couple of days to get over a gig. Mainly it’s because my neck and shoulders ache from ‘head banging’. I only do it to a couple of songs, we do an awesome cover of Britney Spears’ “Hit me baby” which I’m afraid calls for maximum cranial flexion and extension (aka head banging). But this last gig was different. I found it hard to get through the second set because quite frankly, all I could think of was curling up under my duvet, wearing my glasses, snuggling down and reading a book.

Am I getting too old? Recently I completed three weeks of intensive pilates training, and by the end of the third week I was well and truly cooked. Comparing my job to The Rock’s, his involves a lot of lunches, golf, trips to Bali, and visiting ship yards. Mine involves creative thought of how to work a client, talking pretty much non stop during every hour I spend with a client(s), lots of to-ing and fro-ing to pick up/drop off Bimble and Monkey, and then self practice, or joining other pilates classes at the studio where I get a hair drenching workout.

I don’t intend to give up gigs yet. I definitely don’t intend to ever give up pilates. As long as I’m still breathing, then I shall still be Rolling Like A Ball, Teasing my Cat Stretch, and getting into my Guillotine. But at the next gig, I’m not wearing 4 inch heels. That I believe was my downfall. After the gig the throbbing in my feet kept me up for well over an hour.

Singer by night, pilates by day

It’s so hard being a “Rock Star” wannabe Rock Star and not having an entourage to sort my gear out, to massage my tired feet, and to make me a nice cuppa tea after. My two passions, pilates and singing in the band, seem to be on opposing spectrums. I suppose that at least I know that when I pack my microphone away for good, then I’ve always got pilates – at least I do that barefoot.

Have you given up anything due to ‘age’?


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