A view to inspire

Tut tut. It’s been three months since my last post. Isn’t that violating rule #1 (or something) of blogging? Don’t leave too large a gap between posts? But I had some pretty good reasons. First, I was away for a month and really it was just too hard to blog while I was trying to avoid the Olympic stampede in London. Second, there was the passing of my aunt in Australia whom I was incredibly close to, and I wasn’t quite in the mood to blog. My aunt wasn’t very technically proficient so out of respect I decided to avoid anything too technical. Alright that last bit’s a lie. Although she wasn’t too handy with technology, her trusty camera was still one of those you’d have to turn the dial in order to take the next photo! Bless you Aunty E 🙂

A couple of people had mentioned in passing that they hadn’t read any new posts recently, and asked whether I’d given up blogging. I hadn’t, the truth was I just didn’t have any good ideas. I didn’t suddenly sit bolt upright in bed and yell “By jove! I’ve got it!”. No, I’m afraid my brain was far too busy to be creative.

However tonight, it all changed. During my blogging abscence, I participated in an instructor training course for a ballet inspired pilates method called Core Barre. Tomorrow I am due to teach a group Core Barre class. This is done to music, which is meant to inspire, motivate and reward the participants. I decided to create my own mix of music. The guidelines are that the music to Core Barre be set somewhere between 120-160 bpm. That’s where I hit my first roadblock.

ITunes doesn’t automatically provide the bpm of a song. A google search showed that there were various ways of finding this out but my patience was wearing thin. A colleague had suggested Motion Traxx which allows you to download great workout music for free (free!) and even cleverly tells you which bpm each playlist is. Brilliant. I could have left it there. But no, I still wasn’t quite inspired by their music.

If you’re like me, then on your mp3 player you may have many playlists that get you moving when you exercise. I have loads. I have a classical playlist when I’m teaching pre natal pilates. Then there are the playlists for spinning, some songs for speed and some for hill climbing. I love creating playlists. Naming them especially takes up a rather alarmingly large amount of time. Some of my playlists titles are “Groove”, “Emo Pilates”, “Rock” and “Jumble”. The last playlist was basically throwing some new songs I’d bought on itunes together. Very mixed up it is too. Bit of country, bit of r&b, bit of *cough cough* Miss Taylor Swift.

Back to my Core Barre inspired Playlist. The breakdown of my music was supposed to follow this rough format :

  • 5 Minutes warm up
  • 5 Minutes standing weights
  • 20 Minutes of Barre work (which is supposed to be more uptempo)
  • 20 Minutes Matwork (slightly lower tempo to the Barre work)
  • 5 Minutes cool down

Oh boy. So here I am sitting in my living room, doing some of the exercises to the music to see if it all fits. It’s all quite fun, but I’m also a bit concerned that the participants in my class tomorrow won’t “get” my music choice. There’s a song called “Bongo song” for example. Plus I thought I’d throw in some Chaka Khan for good measure. Then some trance and techno. Oh yea, all over the place.

I’ll only know tomorrow I suppose, whether I get pelted with smelly workout socks, or I get a thumbs up from my class. Depending on how confident I am of my playlist, I may just go with one of the playlists from Motion Traxx called “Latin-ocity” because hey, the latin beat sure does get you moving. After all, Shakira claims that “Her Hips Don’t Lie”.


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