What’s the worst thing you can do when you’re on track to getting fit? I’d say, apart from waking up to find yourself floating in a vat of chocolate ganache, then the next worst thing is to go on holiday. A long holiday. A holiday (or vacay as my friends in North America call it) that involves many hours relaxing, lovely wine, and just the opportunity to do the things that you don’t do on a daily basis.

Therefore if you are me, that would mean being in a situation where holding a glass of wine or being served home made Victorian Sponge would be more likely than say, doing your squats, lunges or Hundreds. It just seems more civilised don’t you think?

We are going away to the UK to stay with family, and it will be in the countryside. The weatherman has forecasted some nasty weather ahead, but boy, when the UK has a summer, there is no other place in the world that can match it I reckon. A beautiful English garden in full bloom, a glass of Pimms in one hand. Perhaps some croquet on the manicured lawn. The neigbouring cows giving you a morning “Moo” over the hedge. Bless them.

Our English Summer destination

Monkey and Bimble carefree and barefoot enjoying the English Summer last year

Ever the optimistic traveller, I always bring my trainers (aka sneakers) with me, and exercise clothes. But they rarely know they’ve even left Singapore as all they see is the inside of my North Face duffel. Although I vow that the “next trip will be different”, it never is.

This time though, I’m determined to do something. I shan’t be teaching any clients so I will be truly away from the pilates world that helps to inspire me. So, I’ve packed a flex band, and a pilates DVD that I have watched a few times. The DVD is to inspire me and to give me ideas. It also helps that someone, even if she is only on a TV screen, is motivating me and telling me to get a move on, to get a groove on. Otherwise, I’d get all self righteous saying “right I’m just off to do an hour of pilates” only to be waylaid by say… a buzzing bee. Or the ray of sunshine peeping through the clouds. Or that damed glass of Pimms again. Or that sofa for my daily zzz’s (hey, it’s a holiday, I’m allowed to nap!).

Who knows? I’m aiming for just 2-3 times a week of say, 20 minutes. Because it will be a helluva lot more than what I normally do! If anyone has words of encouragement then I welcome it!

Best part of summer – being a Lazy Leopard in Grandpa’s apple tree

Summer in the countryside even energized The Rock

Bimble and I relaxed and happy last summer


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