I’ve always been aware of my butt. I mean, it’s hard not to be. I’ve never been one of those girls that moan how their bum doesn’t fill their jeans. Some girls go on about wanting curves in their trunk. Nah, never ever said that. Wish I could though. Even though it’s positioned away from front and centre, it’s definitely made up for it by being “there”, if you know what I mean.

So prior to practicing pilates, it came as a surprise to me to find out that I had never been using the muscles in my rear effectively. The Gluteus Sisters known as Maximus, Medius and Minimus haven’t been doing their job for the last few decades of my life. Pilates has definitely made that loafing trio wake up and actually work for a living.

The great thing is though, my clients are now also aware of their bums. Via some very simple but highly effective pilates exercises, their trunk is no longer junk! When was the last time you clenched and squeezed your bum before say, taking a step? Standing up from sitting down? When doing squats, do you squeeze your bum muscles first or rely on the stronger quadriceps (front of the legs) to initiate the movement?

Prior to her sister’s worldwide televised wedding to our favourite prince, William, Pippa Middleton was unknown to the rest of the world. But the sight of her in that dress and suddenly everyone wanted a bottom as pert as hers. Her pilates instructor, Margot Campbell who was credited with getting Pip in shape, has now launched a dvd on how to achieve the same results, namely The Rear Of The Year. Suddenly everyone wants to get on the pilates bum-wagon.

The image that launched a million pilates class packages. Image from http://www.princess-diana-remembered.com

I say, it’s time to get cushy with our tushy! Sir Mix-a-lot was lobbying for derrieres of the more, large and “in your face” kind. But I’m saying, we want it pert, firm and above all else, strong.

Ready? Let’s go! No if’s or Butt’s about it!


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