Three weeks ago, I met with a nutritionist as I hadn’t been feeling 100%. I gave a hair sample to see what minerals I’m lacking, and a blood sample to see if I’m intolerant to any particular foods. In 2 weeks or so I will get the results back. But in the meantime, I’m trying to consume foods that are wheat free and refined sugar free. I find my main meals pretty easy to plan. Breakfast is normally eggs, or rolled oats with rice milk, or an avocado smoothie with rice milk (I’m also trying to consume less dairy).

Avocado, lime juice, rice milk smoothie (sweetened with maple syrup)

Lunches are mostly salads. If I don’t have a meat protein, I toss in some quinoa or lentils. Dinner is whatever the family is having, without the pasta (although we do consume rice pasta in the house), or wild brown rice.

My problem is desserts. I cried rivers when I found out years ago that my favourite fruit, watermelon, is high is sugar. Given that I could have happily sat down and devoured a whole watermelon on a hot Singapore’s day, I was gutted.

Plus I love baking, and I am partial to a sweet tooth. The thought though of going forever thinking I’d never have another pudding was rather depressing. So doing a bit of research, I made an Orange Almond Flourless cake which was amazing! Everyone who tried it loved it. The oranges made it extremely moist, and I replaced the caster sugar with xylitol (which is a natural sugar and has 30% less calories than normal sugar). De-lish.

Pre mixture of fresh orange and ground almonds.

Next was my attempt at key lime pie. Originally key lime pie has cream and eggs. This recipe which I found on Delightful Delicacies, is made with… wait for it… avocados! Seeing as it was my first try, it wasn’t perfect but tasted pretty good. Probably needed a bit more lime juice and my nut crust was a bit bitter, think I had roasted it for a bit too long.

Avocado key lime pie

The trouble is of course, both Monkey and Bimble didn’t care for either dessert, so I’m on a hunt to find a great chocolate cupcake recipe that is wheat free and refined sugar free. There’s a lot out there, thanks to the world wide web, I’m only a click away from finding a delicious recipe. If you have one that’s tried and tested (and not too finickity to make) I’d love to hear from you 🙂


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