Three weeks ago I and 4 girlfriends went to Bangkok for a girls’ weekend. We stayed at the swish uber cool Metropolitan Hotel : here are the flowers that greeted us in the lobby.

Water lilies that opened up during the day

Upon arriving, we quickly freshened up then toasted our freedom from the kids and husbands, by having a Lychee Cosmopolitan and some delicious rice paper rolls. Then we did what groups of girls on a city break do. We went shopping.

Bangkok is known for it’s street markets, where you can probably find anything you need. You can’t swing a cat without bumping into some fake Rolex’s, Louis Vuitton bags or some fetching Thai kick boxing shorts. It is so easy to get overwhelmed, and to try to master the art of bargaining. You know that the first price is way too high. So you quickly think, “I’ll start with 60% of the price, any lower might offend the seller” then through some dramatic to-ing and fro-ing, nab it at around 70% of the price. Feeling smug, thinking you got a good deal, you pocket your item, and walk to the next stall, where lo and behold, the exact same item is there. Eagerly, and you know you shouldn’t even go there, you ask “how much?”. Inevitably, the opening price is less than what you paid for just 3 feet away. You walk away feeling a fool, but learn very quickly how to haggle.

The husbands were expecting us to get on it, get plastered, and to just par-tay the nights and mornings and afternoons away. Alas, we were great disappointments. The first night we had a lovely Thai dinner by the river, then three of the girls called it a  night. My Best Dancing Girlfriend (BDG) and I initially thought we’d give the party scene a go. But, quickly realising that we just weren’t in the same place emotionally as the local and expat socialites, we ended up getting a foot massage at 11.30pm… I’m rather proud to admit that we actually fell asleep during that massage, and yes there was some light snoring but thankfully no dribbling. I went back to my hotel, collapsed in bed, and slept like a baby.

The next day was pretty much the same old thing. More shopping, and boy was it tiring! You end up getting tired of having to haggle, it’s just so tedious. Plus Bangkok is hotter than the sun! All you want to do is head back to the pool and read magazines, so that’s what I ended up doing. That night we found the cutest bar, which was basically a campervan that had been pimped out to be a bar. How cool is that?

A mobile bar on wheels in Bangkok. Their theme was Bob Marley. Airie mon….

We ended up boogying the night away to a great band in an Aussie Pub. What? Aussie Pub in Thailand you ask, shocked. Yes…. An Aussie pub. So sue us. It was a fun night, and my feet were sore which meant that I put my dance skills to good use. Oh yes my friends. I did the Robot, some poppin’ and lockin’, the running man. I think I’m a better dancer than I actually am, and do I give a monkeys? Pah I say. Life’s too short to be sedate on the dance floor.

Back to the sore feet. Unfortunately, the foot massage places had closed for the night, so I had to hobble back through the cool hotel lobby barefoot. The flowers were also asleep for the night, take a look :

Good night Lilies

The next day we were due to fly back to Singapore. I wish I could have told you we visited some temples, soaked in the culture, but I’m afraid I can’t. We headed to the airport where.. hold the phone… ah yes, more shops. Brilliant. I’ll just get the kids their presents here.

Bangkok – you were fun, you were kind to us, and we will be back. Thank you.

The flowers greeting guests at the hotel reception


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