When you have a bug, do you go to work? Do you go back to attend meetings, to finish deadlines, to slog away? Or do you stay home curled up on the sofa with a box of tissues nearby watching re runs of Next Top Model or that show about Alaskan crab fishermen?

Chances are no one really wants you at work. There’s nothing more off putting than that sick guy who sits in front of you sneezing without tissue and you get splattered. Ick.

"Cover Coughs, Cover Sneezes" - NARA...

“Cover Coughs, Cover Sneezes” –  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have a bug. I definitely couldn’t teach today, I was hacking and coughing away. When you work in an environment that’s all about promoting health, you really don’t want one of your instructors coughing all over your clients.

It’s not just the germ-spreading that’s a concern to me. It’s pretty hard to talk throughout the hour when you’ve got a tickle in your throat, and you’re coughing. Then sometimes you also have to demonstrate the exercises. Truly, today I was not in the mood to do any Teasers, Snakes, or Cardio-Tramp.

The voice is gone, so that means no singing either. Guess I’ll just stick to my other role, “Mum”. I found myself putting on a very pitiful voice, throwing in some extra coughs, and appealing to Monkey and Bimble’s compassionate side to be ‘extra good today’.

But, don’t think the girls quite understood the hard hints I was giving them. However, I found out that this bug stops me from yelling. At least Monkey and Bimble will benefit from me being unwell then.


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