I have 2h45 minutes left of my thirties. Let the countdown begin!

Do I want to go back to any age? Not a chance. The past was a blast, but I’m happy to be turning 40. It just seems more mature somehow, and besides, deep down inside I think I still act like a teenager. You want an example you say?

Isn’t wearing glo-stick jewellery juvenile?

Okay… I like to wear glo-stick jewellery.

I shall summarise my last three decades :

My Teens : Felt the urgent need to rebel, to be independent, and to experiment. Wanted to fit in with the cool crowd, but refused to bow to authority. Deep down, I was terribly insecure. The bad 80’s hair and acne didn’t help matters.

My Twenties : New found independence being gainfully employed, although was paid pittance. Probably the most fun decade! Utterly important to be Way to Cool for School. Couldn’t stay in on a Friday or Satuday night as I had to be where the action was. Savings? What savings??

My Thirties : Here’s where I grew up. I became a wife and a mother, so I had to look after other living beings besides myself. Achieved a few dreams :

  • Singing in a rock band.

    Letting the drummer take a break.

    We have one song on itunes which have been bought by at least 15 people. So, not quite enough to retire on yet.

  • A fairytale wedding, we had a lovely sunset wedding on a beach in Langkawi, Malaysia. I chose to wear $10 flip flops over my Jimmy Choo wedding shoes at the last minute, and it was the right decision.
  • Financial independence. My long hours of oil broking paid off. I also gained the ability to swear like a sailor, to lie like a criminal on trial, and to be able to pretend to find all the traders’ anecdotes incredibly funny, as it guaranteed a nice fat broking fee the day after.
  • Became a mother to two girls. I had dreamed about what they would look like, and I was spot on. Running round barefoot, messy hair, floral dresses dotted with specks of mud due to jumping in muddy puddles.

My Forties Prediction : What would I like to achive?

  • Molding my two beautiful girls into young women (Monkey will be 16 when I turn 50!).
  • Able to go on holiday without fretting about nap times. And not losing my cool when they refuse to eat what I’ve lovingly made for them (what’s wrong with courgettes??)
  • Taking the girls on a family holiday to Alaska. To date, The Rock I agree that Alaska was the best holiday of our lives.
  • Great skin “for a forty something”! My secret product is Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle peel pads!

Clock check : I have 1h50m left. I’m like a kid on christmas eve. Bimble has already told me what she bought me for my birthday (soap…) and that they have secretly baked me a birthday cake. Worryingly I can’t find it anywhere. How do you hide a cake in the tropics?? She’s really not very good at keeping secrets.

Should I choose to believe the words of a 2 year old wearing a diaper as a hat?

As I am typing The Rock is working feverishly in the study wrapping up whatever it is they have bought (soap?), and I’ve been told that I am to be free from 3 pm tomorrow for my 40’s celebration, but sadly, I will not be needing my passport. So no dinners in Paris then. Still, I’m giddy with excitement.

So, while I’m walking boldly into my forties, I can’t help but think the plans made by my lovely family are certainly making the leap a pleasant one! And with all that soap, it can clean out my potty mouth I developed in my Thirties. Let the Birthday roll on!

Greeting Forty with a Smile


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