Okay so here’s the thing. You know when you bump into someone, and go through the usual greetings?

“Hi – how are you?”
“Great, how are you?”
~ followed by Giant Super Grins trying to outgrin each other ~

Are you ever honest? Because if you asked me today how I was, this could very well have been my answer :

“Hi – how are you?”
“Oh Hi. Ugh. I mean, I haven’t had an uninterrupted night’s sleep in like, 3 months? Bimble keeps calling out at night, waking me up. On top of that I’m organising some charity school event and getting a tad annoyed at how everyone is just taking me for granted.  My knee keeps hurting. I have to find new clients to teach. I keep eating my lunch while standing over the kitchen counter and that takes me 3 minutes flat, because I’m then zooming out the door! I turn 40 in two weeks and still haven’t lost that baby weight I vowed I’d lose 3 years ago! But yeah… apart from that, it’s all good. How are you?”

(at this point the other person is still grinning her Super Wide Grin, but thinking “eh, wha- who-eh?” and answers …

“oh…. poor you! I’m great! We’re great!”

But really she’s thinking

“I’m miserable. But I hope I look better than her, I spent $500 on this cut and colour just today!”

Let’s just be honest folks. If you’re having a bad day, share it. Keep it interesting.

The Perfect Woman

We can't all be The Perfect Woman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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