For someone who loves high heels, I’m distraught that those 3 inch Manolo’s, Choo’s and Louboutin’s have been relegated to the deepest depths of my shoe wardrobe. In the last couple of months everytime I wear heels my left knee is not a happy Patella-fella.

The problem actually doesn’t lie within my knee, but the muscles around my hips. Specifically my gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. These muscles give The Abercrombie & Fitch model (yes him again) those dimples in the side of his tushy.

Early this year I foolishly announced to friends that to celebrate my 40th I’d run the Singapore marathon in December (which in itself is a “ROFLMAO” moment). During my ‘training’ – not sure you can even call it training – my knee started to hurt. I discovered via a bit of investigation that the culprits were those two glute muscles. So every time my heel struck, they couldn’t perform their job of keeping my leg from caving inwards at the knee.

The other day I wore some cute 3 inches, and I looked like an extra in some weird Lady Gaga video. I looked broken. I tried my hardest to stop my left knee from caving in. My left foot kept rolling inward. So I tried to recruit those glute muscles, and ended up looking like I was trying to hold, ahem, what we call in our house anyway, a “bottom burp”.

I know what I have to do – it’s my job. But do I do those specific exercises everyday? No. But you see, my clients pay for a private session with me because I tell them what to do, I make them do it correctly, and I make them do what’s best for them. I’d really like to switch my brain off after a full day’s teaching and have someone take responsibility for me, I’d like to be instructed!

I suppose I’ll have to get some private pilates sessions for myself then. After all, for my 40th I don’t want to be wearing this do I…..20120425-094200.jpg


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