Seeing as it’s Sunday, and I’ve got a belly full of food (roast chicken dinner if you’re asking), I’m going to just post a list of my favourite items. One of the things I made tonight was “Mashed cauliflower” which is a great alternative to mashed potato. You steam the cauli, put it in the food processor, add seasoning (I add ground cumin to it), bit of olive oil and whizz it. De-lish. What’s the relevance??? There is one. The food processor I was using is one of my favourite things. So here goes, in no particular order, or in category :


  1. Magimix Food Processor: I bought this in London back in 2005, and it has sat proudly on my kitchen counter since then. Made in France, and hey, Jamie Oliver uses it! My mother in law and her sisters still use their original magimix’s which are around 20+ years old.
  2. Lululemon : Ah lululemon how I love thee. It makes life so much more interesting when teaching and practicing pilates. I have acquired so many of their items, they have exciting designs, great colours. Even The Rock loves his “Run swiftly t-shirt”. He was so pleased because they have a little message on the inside of the hem. It starts of as very zen, about “running.. focus… bla bla” and then, it finishes with “and don’t forget to have a beer along the way!”. He too is a convert.
  3. Hermes scarves : What things of beauty! They have managed to turn classic into chic. I buy their scarves because they are the most affordable things the Hermes family sell (the prices of their leather goods make me sob). If I ever broke my arm, I’d do a Grace Kelly and use one of the scarves as a sling.
  4. Gold Class Cinema : Here in Singapore there is a chain of cinemas that have movie theatres that fit around 30-50 people, each in a Lazy-Boy chair! You order your food – it can be a 4 course meal, and they deliver it to your seat. You pop your feet up, and pull the blanket round you as it gets chilly, and they will serve you beer at intervals set by you. The Rock and I go weekly, it doesn’t really matter what’s on. I don’t care if you think that our date nights are sad (would it sound better if I said we hold hands during the movie?).
  5. Clarin’s Age Control hand Lotion SPF 15 : Ladies – the neck and back of the hands are a big “tell” of our age. I use this when I drive. The sun here on the equator ages you faster than saying you dig Engelbert Humperdink. When driving, hands are exposed and we don’t really think about it do we? This stuff goes on easily and I only put it on the back of my hands and forearms. It’s not sticky, and hopefully when I’m 60 my hands won’t be papery or riddled with sun spots. No offence.
  6. Grobags from the Gro company : OMG what did our parent’s do when it was cold and the blanket fell off the baby?! The grobags are amazing. Sure lots of brands do them but we’ve used grobags with both the girls and how great are they ? The Rock has often said he wished he had a giant grobag for himself as the girls looked so cosy in theirs. Yes, he’s rather odd sometimes.
  7. Nomad Baby Tent : When Monkey was born, we fretted about where she’d sleep when we travelled (yes, I was a parent who fretted). We had a travel cot but it was ridiculously big and heavy for normal travelling. Enter the Nomad Baby Tent – once you figured out how to put it up, it was a blessing. Rolled up to fit into a suitcase, weighing 2 kg, and came with an inflatable mattress and special bedsheets. Monkey loved it. When we travelled she loved going to bed in it. It was her bed away from home. Hey that’s a great tagline!
  8. Dr Lipp Nipple Cream for lips : Discovered this in Australia, and what a great lip balm! Best thing ever for dry chapped lips. Basically it’s 100% lanolin but The Rock and I use nothing else when we are in cold climates. Brilliant! Plus it’s a great conversation starter when you offer someone nipple cream… actually The Rock has just pointed out that it normally stops conversations – “oh, that’s the weird couple who use nipple cream and the husband sleeps in a giant grobag*. Honey, let’s pretend we have to leave, NOW!”.
  9. Large exercise ball. I use this with my pre-natal clients, and for other clients I make them do my favourite exercise for the abs- the pike. Great to just sit on as it makes you sit up tall. It’s also been used as a bouncy trampoline with the kids….

I apologise for this list, I know it’s not quite rock/pilates, but I get excited when I find something that’s great and like to share it. If I’m in a crappy mood then I’ll be sure to post things that really p!$$ me off. (Plus last night I wrote a great blog but somehow the draft saved wasn’t the one I wrote! So I’m sulking, hence this list).

* I would like to stress that The Rock does NOT have a giant grobag. Mum-in-law please don’t worry about your son. Thank you.


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