Bimble will be 3 in July. Today she told a joke.

Bimble : Mummy I got a joke!
Me : Sure go ahead!
Bimble : Knock knock who’s there!
Me : No No Bimble, you say “knock knock” only, ok?
Bimble : Knock knock who’s there!
Me : No, I say “who’s there”, you just say “knock knock”. Ok? Don’t say “who’s there”. Ok? Ok?
Bimble : (louder and more animated) Knock Knock WHO’S THERE!
Me : (Inwardly sighs). Okay, who’s there?
Bimble : Crocodile who!
Me : Uh-uh, I say “Who”. You just say “Crocodile” Ok? (clear throat). Who’s there?
Bimble :  Crocodile who!
Me : Don’t say “Who!!”. (starting to think how to rapidly end this conversation)
Bimble : (Giggling) Crocodile who! Crocodile who!
Me : (sensing defeat) Okay. Okay. Whatever. ……. Crocodile Who, Who?
Bimble : (shouting) CROCODILE THAT POO’S IN THE LOO!!!!!!!!!!! (erupts into peals of giggles).

Me : …………………………….. Okay Bimble, it’s time for bed. Night night. (Quick exit Left)

My 6 year old, Monkey, tells similar jokes but at least she doesn’t say my lines for me. When do they ‘get’ how to tell a joke??

Do you have a joke that your kid has shared that’s actually FUNNY and that isn’t poo or loo related???


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