Mute Swan (Cygnus olor) - male Česky: Labuť ve...

Mute Swan (Cygnus olor) - male Česky: Labuť velká (Cygnus olor) - samec Taken in Slaný, Czech Republic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While performing a pilates exercise called Swan Dive yesterday, I felt a niggle in my back. In trying to pinpoint it, it felt like it was coming next to my first lumbar vertebrae, ie lower spine. It doesn’t hurt as such, but it definitely doesn’t feel “right”.

My father, who is a doctor, claims that I’m a hypochondriac. Of course I am! Why wouldn’t I think that every single cough, sneeze or niggle could mean something bigger? The gene pool of which I originated from ain’t great folks. We have a whole lotta bad stuff going on down that blood line. Diabetes, cancer, poor hearts, glaucoma, and I’m pretty certain mental anguish as well. My husband comes from “good stock”. The bad genes he carries with him are bad hips and bad knees (my dear father in law has had two super duper bionic replacements in those exact areas). So I’m hoping that my daughters will have inherited their dad’s height and the ability to ward off certain diseases. Though I’m not sure the ability to sleep standing up is something I would like them to be able to do…. Might make for embarrassing You Tube moments.

Back to that niggle in my Back (was that a pun?). Tomorrow I’m going to call my physio and make an appointment. It’s only a niggle. But niggles turn into something bigger. Next thing you know, you’re stooping to pick up your shoe and BAM! you can’t stand up. You can’t move. You have a ruptured disc.

I’m what they call an “Injuries and Special Populations Pilates Specialist”. That’s just a Fancy-pants name for basically, if someone has a “Niggle” anywhere in their bodies then I am qualified to try to make them feel more comfortable.

Do you have a niggle you’ve been ignoring? I’d suggest if you do then you go get it checked out. It’s not about being a martyr and Soldiering through it. It’s about getting something treated before it turns into a “Big Freakin’ Niggle”.

I’ll let you know whether my physio agrees with me. Or whether Dad was right and yes, that niggle is just a fragment of my over-stimulated hypochondriac mind.

PS I’m liking the word “Niggle” very much. Try to use it 5 times today in conversation! I’ve used it 10 times already just in this post…..


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