Lexington Barbecue Festival 2008, street juggl...

Lexington Barbecue Festival 2008, street juggler working his craft. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My life mimics Pilates. Yeah okay, that won’t make much sense but bear with me here. Can you stand up please? I want to try something.

Okay, now that you’re standing, can you lift both arms up toward the ceiling. Done it? Good. Now try it again but follow EVERYTHING I write below ok?

Stand tall, equal weight on the four corners of both feet. Imagine a string being pulled up through the top of your head. Draw your belly button into your spine. Relax your ribs, and draw your shoulders away from the ears. (we haven’t even done the  movement yet!)

Now, inhale to prepare. Exhale, while you float both arms toward the ceiling. Reach the fingertips toward the ceiling while gently pulling your shoulders away from the ears, reaching your armpits toward the side of your hips. Inhale, and lower your arms back down by your sides, reaching fingers gently towards toes not allowing the shoulders to roll forward.

Done. That’s it. Did you do it? So there were about 15 instructions there for that simple movement.

I feel that in my life right now, there are about 15 things that need to be done every hour. I can hardly keep track of whether I’m coming or going. A client tonight, who was having his second pilates lesson in his life, started giggling during the session. He said that he couldn’t concentrate on trying to execute the move as he couldn’t even figure out whether he was to inhale or exhale! I completely understand. It can all be so overwhelming.

I feel like I’m being pulled in so many directions. I’m a wife, mum, pilates instructor and *occasional* rock star. I don’t teach fixed hours. I teach in (at the moment) 8 different locations. Insane isn’t it? Something’s got to give. My daughters so far have been fantastic, very supportive and I haven’t even had to bribe them too much *wink wink*. My husband (who is my Rock) has been behind me all the way. I on the other hand, feel I’m going slowly insane and am going to start running, screaming all the way down the road till I run out of steam or realise I’ve bolted in just my craggy old t-shirt and “not-to-ever-be-seen-in-public-knickers-because-they-are-manky” knickers.

I’m sure that many parents out there can relate. Between dropping kids off school, getting their breakfast ready, their lunch boxes, then going to work, then picking kids up again, making dinner, helping with homework. The errands – grocery shopping, getting someone to fix something, paying bills, tidying up the house, having a beer… (Yes, having a beer. After the kids are in bed and you’ve only got one load of washing up to do. You know you deserve it!).

So that’s why I’m juggling, and I know I’m going to drop the ball soon. Like pilates, there is so much to think about, so much to do, to get something perfect.

And the crazy thing? Instead of getting the sleep I need, I’m up at this hour writing this blog! C’mon – go to sleep already. Nighty-night….

….Oh no. Just realised I forgot to help my kiddo with her homework!!! See? I dropped a ball.


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