Let’s play the word game. I’ll start, I’ll say a word and you say the first word that comes to your head. Ready? I’ll pretend I’m you, my answers are in brackets.

Cake ? (chocolate)

Pet? (cat)

Pilates? (Women)

I’m guessing if you are a man reading this, you may have said “woman” to the last word. I’ve been a pilates enthusiast for over a decade, and I still get that feeling from the guys I know that pilates is just stretchy stuff that women do.

It’s okay. I get it. You see extended legs, arms extended with fingers reaching away from each other, and you think – chick stuff. So why do male professional athletes and sportsmen practice pilates?

Today I had the pleasure of my cousin in law join a pilates group class I was teaching. After the class, she enthusiastically told her husband how awesome and ‘hard’ it was, and how “it would be great for you. You really ought to do pilates”. The look on his face said it all. If it could speak it would say “how cute. She thinks I need to do strectchy touchy feely stuff and wear lycra”.

Guys wake up. I am not going to go into this post now, but I want to leave this post with one image I’d like to put into your minds.

Fast forward 30+ years. You just finished wathching sport on tv. You want to get off the sofa. You press your hands into your knees to help push you up. You emit a small groan as you feel the stiffness in your spine/knees. You try to arch your back. You walk to the kitchen to grab a drink, your grandkids are running past you. They head to the garden, wanting to play. It looks fun. They yell “come play with us grandpa!”. You think, man, I wish I could, but all that running around will kill my hips/knees. So you say no. You walk up the stairs and realise how old you feel watching those kids running round. You stiffly rotate your head and can’t quite look round like you could in your youth.

Basically, you’ve lost your youth, your body is past it’s prime, and you wish you could have turned back time.

Guess what? You can. But let’s talk about that some other time.


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